Schedule a Mediation

Welcome to our schedule system! This serves as only a reservation request which will be subject to completion of an intake form and review and approval by the mediator:

Each day has 2 slots (Morning 9am-1pm and Afternoon 1pm-5pm).

Each day shows the number of appointments available

  1. Select the day you want to reserve your mediation by clicking on days showing “Available”(green)
  2. When a day is selected, slots for that day will show up at the bottom of the calendar.
  3. Then select your preferred time slots showing “Available” (full days you will select both morning and afternoon slots for Start and Finish)
  4. If you only want a half day, select from any days with at least 1 slot available and double click on that slot. (*note hovering over each day showing “1 available” will show which slot is available for that day)

After you have your desired slots selected, simply fill out the “Contact Information” and submit “Book Now” to complete your Mediation Reservation Request.  You will be notified at the email you provided once it is approved.